OffiSync is OUT - Power Your MS Office with Google!

Developers has enabled link to download !
Now you can get your Google documents edited by Word or Excel and vice versa.

Just login to Google docs from Offisync toolbar and hit "Open"


Save your documents online in Google Docs and access them from any computer.
Access your files from any computer with or without Microsoft Office.
Manage, create and delete Google docs folders right from within Office applications.
Add collaborators as you save your file in Google Docs.
Open any Google Docs file directly from Microsoft Office applications.
Move or copy files between Google Docs folders.
Manage your Google Docs file library just as if it was on your own computer.
Add collaborators to your documents and manage their permissions.
Changes made through Office apply instantly to your Google Docs version of each file.
Find any document based on its content using the powerful integrated Google search feature.
Switch between multiple accounts (Google Docs and Google Apps) to find your business and personal files in seconds.
Communicate with your collaborators right from within your shared document.
Send automated notifications to your friends and co-workers to streamline the collaboration process.

Before you install Offisync, please read the following Instructions:

Who can use OffiSync?

o The current version of OffiSync requires Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 operating systems.
o OffiSync requires Microsoft's .net framework version 3.5 and will automatically install it on PCs that don't have it installed.
o OffiSync requires Office 2003 or Office 2007

If you don't have a Google Docs or Google Apps account you must create one first before you can start using OffiSync.

o Create Google Docs account here OR
o Create Google Apps account with your own domain here

Installation instructions:

o Close all office applications before running the installation
o Run the setup from the link below
o The OffiSync setup runs as a "silent" installation. Please wait to get the final confirmation that "The 'OffiSync' registration succeeded" BEFORE running any office application.
NOTE: it can take up to 2 minutes to get the final confirmation. Running Office before setup is complete will cause OffiSync not to load.

o Once the installation is complete, simply run Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint and use OffiSync from the new menu toolbar (As a new ribbon tab in office 2007 or as a new menu in Office 2003).

TileUI - the new interesting interface working with Flickr photos

It uses Actionscript Physics Engine and PaperVision 3D to organize thumbnails in unusual way - pictures puts in 3D-stacks.

Check author's blog

27 social travel services

PairUpConnecting Business Travelers is about empowering the business traveler to reinvent his/her business trip by introducing the concept of connected travel, allowing businesspeople for the first time to easily share travel plans and instantly search for potential business connections at their next trip destination or industry event – across companies and across booking engines

TravelPostUnbiased Hotel Reviews, Hotel Ratings, Resort Reviews is the premier source for relevant hotel reviews, hotel ratings, travel blogs and advice from real travelers truly like you. TravelPost have over 269,448 hotel reviews & hotel photos from real travelers.

Trivop is a media company that offers a video platform dedicated to the hotel industry. 194 videos of European hotels. You can search hotels by country, star rating and price.

TriporamaThe Easiest Way to Plan your Group Trip provides a free web site designed to make leisure travel planning easier for friends and family group travel. Triporama's Group Trip Planner reduces the substantial burden faced by groups by simplifying the process of collaborating on all aspects of planning a trip, including sharing travel research, determining travel dates, and coordinating on travel details

TripologyYour Trip is their Specialty
With you can tell where you want to go (say, to South Africa) and what you want to do while you're there (say, an adventurous safari in Tanzania). Tripology then send your request to travel agents who specialize in exactly the type of trip you're interested in. Usually within 24 hours, you'll receive an email or phone call (your choice) from three travel agents who can help you plan your trip. Choose the one that you like best, and go ahead and book with them directly

GustoTravel + Lifestyle will give you all the tools you need to experience better travel through better information. You can read and write reviews and blogs, upload and store your photos and check out others photos, and use the Gusto! Grabber to bookmark Gusto content and other Web sites. And while you're traveling, you can use Gusto as a handy resource that you don't have to haul along with you

BezurkOnline Travel Search Engine for the Asia Pacific Region is a new kind of search engine which specialises in travel products such as flights, hotels, rental cars, package holidays and tours. An independent search engine that will help you to quickly compare the latest deals across hundreds of travel websites with just a few clicks

TripmatesThe Interactive Travel Community
Interested in meeting up with someone on a trip or sharing travel expenses? Looking for candid travel advice? Want to broadcast your trip? Join, the interactive travel community, and never feel like a tourist again

EveryTrailShare your Adventures Like Never Before
EveryTrail is an online platform that enables you to visualize your travel and outdoor activities and share these with likeminded people from all over the world. With you can easily upload GPS data you recorded while out on the trail and add your photos and notes, to create a visual record of your outdoor activity

TripUpSocial Travel Network
TripUp is an interactive travel community that connects people from all over the world through a social network with a travel twist. Whether you are interested in meeting locals or fellow travelers during a trip or finding a 'trip buddy' so you don't have to travel alone, TripUp gets you connected before you depart. Plus, as a member you can create Trip Flicks, Trip Blogs and Trip Albums to share your travel videos, journals and photos

MyTripBookPlan, Blog and Share your Travels is a place for people who love to travel to share diaries and reviews, photos and videos about the places they have been, to find travelmates and trips or simply to browse to find inspiration and information about different places around the world

TrayleWrite your own Travel Blog
On you can start a travel blog and make an interactive map of all the places you have visited. It works like any other travel blog that you know. But when you write about a place you have visited you can add it to your personal travel Trayle. The places you have visited show up on your personal interactive map

tripbaseTravel your Way is a travel website that gives you unbiased recommendations about where to go on your next trip based on what you like. Tripbase will find you places based on your rank

GrapheetyTag your World
Explore the world or your own neighborhood with - share an experience for someone else to discover. - a site for sharing stories via location. (google maps) The goal being to detail people's stories all over the globe, so a person exploring can see what's going on before they go there.

EveryScapeE-scape into the Real World
The most interesteing media service; it offers a virtual walk at number of places. Today, you can check out Union Square, San Francisco as the first city to be scaped. You can check out restaurants, hotels, go shopping, drive by homes. Ok, guys - I am waiting for new places at

Zoomandgo - zoom and goInspiring Experiences
Zoom And Go is about inspiring travelers about where to go, what to see, what to do and where to stay based on the experiences of other travelers or on the recommendations from locals around the world.

Travelers Community
Wegor is a community site for travel experience sharing. At you can share your travel photos, describe your experiences in the travel blog, and mark your journeys on the map. You can also browse thousands of interesting stories and photos of other travelers. And it's free of charge

TripCartTrip Planner and Online Travel Guide
Whether you're taking a family vacation, traveling on business, or driving cross-country, gives you all the tools you need to plan a memorable experience, whatever your budget. No more endless Internet searches or wading through masses of articles and travel books. TripCart is designed by travelers for travelers. TripCart sort through the world of travel information to make it easy for you to plan the best possible trip

rezgoPowerfully Simple Reservations is a complete system for tourism companies who want to accept bookings online. Manage products, receive online payments, view reports, update customer information, customize your website, all in one place.

kayakLife's a Trip is a new kind of website; a travel search engine site. This means a better travel search experience, more complete search results and best of all, savings for you every day. If you use for your travel planning, you are going to save time and money.

HotelsCombinedOne Site to Search them All is a unique free tool that searches multiple hotel reservation websites simultaneously to help you find the lowest rate instantly. Hotel Combined eliminate the need to search major websites one by one in order to compare prices and availability.

TvtripSearch for Hotel Videos in Europe is a new kind of website that uses video to provide travelers with the transparency they need when planning a trip. All of the videos available on the site have been shot by a team of professionals.

MomondoCompare Cheap Flights Across Sites is a search tool that helps you find the cheapest flight tickets on the net for flights in Europe. Your request goes out to more than 600 airlines in Europe through airline websites and on-line travel agencies. The network is constantly expanding

VayamaInternational Travel Solved is a travel site focused on international travel. The site puts a nice visual to traveling abroad in letting you see the different flight routes. In addition to that, there's a 3D seat map to help choosing seats

TravelisticA Travel Video Site is a travel video site. Their tag line, "Watch Where You're Going," pretty much explains the concept. Travelistic want to be useful, as well as fun.

OGGtoursOpen Source Audio Tours and GPS Guides is a complete resource for those looking for audio tours
and GPS audio points of interest. Many of these tours are open source
making it possible for anybody to modify or remix content.
Hundreds of tours to destinations around the world can be downloaded
from OGGtours with many more being created and added daily.

GeoBeatsSee the Destination... Before you See It
A fun and reliable way to learn about your next international destination. is an interactive media company whose mission is to inform travelers about international destinations through the use of video